Before we knew we were having you-

My dear baby,

I want to share all of the fun and exciting moments and months leading up to the day that you come into this world. While your mom and I were waiting to find out if she was pregnant with you we kept ourselves busy. We visited the Franklin Park Conservatory exhibit by Bruno Munro, Light.

DSC02084 DSC02089 DSC02114 DSC02115 DSC02123 DSC02125 DSC02137 DSC02141 DSC02154 DSC02156 DSC02185 DSC02190

Such a beautiful exhibit! It was 02-01-2014 so it was super cold! The winter in general was so frigid this year, it snowed so much, record levels. If it wasn’t for our family, your mommies would think about moving somewhere much warmer. We LOVE the sunshine!

We found out on February 10th from a blood test at the doctors office that we were pregnant with you.  We had to wait until March 4th to see your heartbeat at the doctors office.  Your mom sent me to the drugstore in the mean time to get pregnancy tests, just to keep making sure.  You see, you were something we both wanted so bad, for so long, it was unbelieveable. The day we went to hear your heartbeat your mom and I were so nervous.  We just wanted to make sure you had a strong, healthy heartbeat. AND YOU DID!

We went and watched your Uncle Matt compete in a chili competition at The North Market. He didn’t win, but I claimed him the fan favorite. All of the guests came up to the booth and raved that his chili was the best (he made it with a pinto bean cornbread on the side). He was robbed from the win! 😉 I even tried a bite of his chili, it was great! I’ve been a vegetarian since 2008, so this was a big step for me! Shhh don’t tell anyone!

DSC02219 DSC02227 DSC02228 DSC02230 DSC02248 DSC02268 DSC02276 DSC02291DSC02213DSC02218

Oh I also had to get glasses! Age 34, my eyes have been bothering me for a little while, it turns out I had/have astigmatism in my right eye and am near sighted in both eyes (the right more than the left).

I wrote an article that got published in Fit Magazine. Columbus, Ohio’s new fitness magazine, it was the 3rd edition. The article was a review on a Jillian Michaels workout DVD. I love to write and would love to make a career of sorts out of it, I also really enjoy nutrition and fitness.


I also got to meet Jillian Michaels on her tour to Columbus. She is one of my idols, along with Suze Orman, who I also got to meet.

jillian michaels 3 jillian michaels 4



This pic was taken with Suze back on 3/16/2011, but I just has to add it 🙂

We took Aunt Candice out to brunch at my FAVORITE restaurant North Star Cafe. We couldn’t wait to tell her we were expecting you. She has been through a lot with us, she is always on our side, routing for us. She is such an amazing and caring woman. You two will love each other and if you ever need to talk to anyone that’s not your mommies, please call her.

DSC02303 DSC02307 DSC02310 DSC02312 DSC02313 DSC02315 DSC02319

We can’t wait to meet you!

Sideways 8


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